In order to enjoy your Fernandos for a long time, here are a few tips for you on storage and care.

Especially well stored and still a nice eye-catcher are the boots with our boot hooks. A pair of knee-high boots usually fit on each hook, for over the knee models we recommend a hook for each boot.

The regular care of the boots provides beautiful shine and long durability. As leather is skin, it should be treated with unperfumed moisturizer if it feels dry or every 6-8 weeks. For a beautiful shine, use the shoe polish with wax. Rub in, leave on and then polish with a microfibre cloth or old nylon tights. The heat generated by the friction during polishing brings the wax and thus the leather to shine. Please use leather fat at most once a year, otherwise the leather will become dull.

To remove stains, there are special leather shampoos. But in general a little water and a brush or paper towel is enough to clean the boots.

We will be happy to compile a suitable package with care and cleaning utensils for you.