For Fernando Berlin boots and gloves, we only use materials in best quality. Leather is our preferred material as it has the best properties for a boot. It can be shaped very well, is stable and breathable. Which leather is used depends primarily on the model. For boot models that are designed to fit tight and smooth on the leg, we use fine cut, soft-tanned cowhide or lamb leather, which is ideally suited due to its fine grain and smooth surface ("soft leather"). Sturdy and solid cowhide leather is perfect for models whose bootleg should remain dimensionally stable ("strong leather"). Let Ferdinand show you the difference here:

Whether shiny or matt, this is what the finish of the leather is all about. We prefer a shiny finish. As an alternative to leather, we also offer almost all models in vinyl. The base is a stable textile fabric which is covered with vinyl.

The lining is made of soft pigskin or calf leather. Unlined boots have a goat leather on the shaft end. All our leather is sourced exclusively from European production, usually from Portugal, Spain or Italy.

For some models, our designer Ferdinand recommends suede which is also real but split leather. While smooth leather is made from the top of a hide, suede leather is made from the underlying hide layer. It is characterized by its velvety.

If you want your boots leather-free, you can order all Fernandos in faux-leather.

Please keep in mind that leather is a natural product. Irregularities and color variations are part of the patina of this wonderful material. Close your eyes as you stroke the bootleg of your Fernando boots and you will feel it!