The boots are very tight, difficult to close and a little uncomfy? Don't panic -  – don’t be too gentle!

The boots should be too tight at the beginning. Putting them on for the first time can sometimes be a bit difficult. Take your time. The leg has to be straight when the zipper closes. As you wear them, they adjust to the leg. As soon as the leather warms up and you move in it, the leather will stretch. The leather can stretch up to 3 cm. It becomes softer and more supple. After some time you will just glide in. Making them a bit too small, will make them perfect for the years to come.
You can speed up this process by using stretch foam (available at regular shoe stores) or by pre-stretching at the shoemaker. But this is not necessary.

To ensure that the boots fit as they should, make sure that the shaft is pulled up completely and that the seams are not twisted.