The story of Fernando Berlin - or how orchids became beautiful boots

In 2009 Ferdinand Tiffert founded FERNANDO BERLIN. The fashion startup for exclusive made to measure leather boots and quickly made fans worldwide. But the way there was not nearly as straight as a stiletto heel on a FERNANDO boot.

It started when Ferdinand was studying at the Humboldt University of Berlin. History, garnished with African studies and - noteworthy - Lusitanistics, the science of Portuguese culture and literature. Someone told Ferdinand at the time that these are just“orchid subjects“, beautiful but useless. "Nice!", thought Ferdinand, "that fits my mission to make the world a bit more beautiful."

Luckily, Ferdinand finds perfectly fitting leather boots on women's legs more attractive than his studies and decides the obvious - he started his own label. In Portugal, he found ideal conditions for building his production. The Portuguese have a long tradition in the leather- and shoe making trade and enjoy a good reputation in the field of premium shoes worldwide. There were no language barriers anymore - thanks to the orchid subject of Lusitanistics.
From the orchid studies into the orchid profession - Ferdinand, the esthete becomes Fernando the boot maker. In addition to knee-high classics with and heels, it is mainly the thigh high, skin-tight boots with super long shaft, which enjoy great popularity among customers. Perfectly made to measure, they are so comfortable that you would like to combine them with any outfit. And that's what the creator wants. Fernando boots should not lie in a shoebox for months and only come out once a year. You should breathtaking more often than that.

This does not only apply to women. Once, the boot, even in the thigh-high version, was reserved for the man, for protecting and warming his leg. That's why Fernando Berlin offers all models up to size 47. Especially the flat, knee-high models are often ordered by men.

Today you find Ferdinans his showroom in the neighbourhood ofPrenzlauer Berg in Berlin. What he enjoys the most is the shining in the eyes of the customers when they put on their new boots for the first time. On the one hand is the lady, who looks in the mirror and is just happy that her boots fit. And there is the spouse, who looks at his lady as if she was wearing her wedding dress again. Again the world has been made a bit more beautiful.