Heels and comfortable – that seems to conflict in itself but there are high heels which are surprisingly comfortable. Therefore still not for hicking but you can wear a night without having much of hurt in the feet. We often have customers saying „I really can’t wear high heels. 5 ot 6 cm is my maximum.“ But if the shoes are balanced right – which means the heel height fits the shoe perfectly – even 10 cm are comfortable. That’s why we pay close attention to well balanced heels.

The heel height of our boots depends on the last the shoe is made of and the form of the heel needs to fit the look. Some of our models have a platform sole which makes wearing high heels much more easier. With our webshop options finding your perfekt heel is easy.

Reducing the heel height of a boot model isn’t possible. But you are welcome to find your individual combination of shoe and shaft.
Just contact us, we would love to advise you!