We produce our boots and gloves in Portugal in a small town on the Atlantic coast. Since leather processing has a centuries-old tradition with our European neighbors, we have found the optimum expertise to manufacture of our premium boots here. In our manufactory, which we were able to equip with state-of-the-art machinery thanks to a crowdfunding project with the great support of our customers, a 10-person team works passionately and in classic handcraft on your new Fernandos.

When selecting our materials, we attach great importance to quality. Only the highest quality leather with the best properties is processed into real Fernandos. All our leather is sourced exclusively from European production, usually from Portugal, Spain or Italy.

During the production process, the boot goes through many individual stations, where it gets its final shape piece by piece with expert hands and great care. It is very important to us to produce as perfect as possible and as fast as necessary. With us, quality always has priority, so that you have many years of enjoyment of your dream boots from Fernando Berlin.