Our gloves are made of supple and very soft leather. This also means that the leather stretches when worn. That's why we recommend that you order the gloves a bit smaller. When determining your glove size  place the taut tape measure at the widest point around the flat hand just below the knuckles and read off the measurement.The thumb is not measured. Which glove size fits, you can find out with the help of the measurements table below. If you are between two sizes, then choose the smaller size.
Fun fact: Glove sizes are in inches. Size 7 corresponds to a circumference of 7 inches.


Hand circumference 16 cm = size 6
Hand circumference 17 cm = size 6,5
Hand circumference 17,5 cm = size 7
Hand circumference 18,5 cm = size 7,5
Hand circumference 19,5 cm = size 8
Hand circumference 20,5 cm = size 8,5
Hand circumference 21,5 cm = size 9
Hand circumference 22,5 cm = size 9,5